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Analysis of Performance Management.

The main responsibility of a manager is to plan, direct and monitor the work of the employees for the best results of the company. In order to achieve this, the manager has to inform the employees of their responsibilities, setting and interpreting work performance standards and giving appropriate feedback. This can be achieved through provision of examples of performance and behavior. When the employees are performing to the required standards and the performance management is to satisfactory, then the business will tend to reap great results.

The best performance management will help reduce the work absenteeism and turnover which eventually would lead to poor results of a company. It is important that the manager gives timely and appropriate performance feedback. The meaning of managing performance would be managing the effective work performance of staff and also managing those challenging behaviors that affect individuals, teams and the overall performance of task achievement in the workplace.

In order to be able to tract, analyze and evaluate the company’s employees performance productivity, it is advisable that the company use the performance management software. In performance ,management software, there are features that enable good results such as, distribution of forms for feedback, collection of data, management of administrative tasks like sign-offs, analyzing of information about performance and storage of feedback securely. There are workable feature that make this software more practical such as, automated workflow, access control, upward ,downward and peer reviews, customizable review forms, goal tracking, single sign-on, built-in reporting, anonymous feedback, email reminders ,e-sign, flexible review timing, and intuitive navigation.

By using the performance management software, the data collected is stored properly which help to guide company goals, hiring decisions, career trajectories, compensation, succession planning and all other human capital decisions. The protection against liability is important and can be achieved through consistent and formal record keeping of employee performance. A dedicated software will ensure that such things as the forgotten 90 day reviews, missing signatures, annual reviews that happen four months late, and managers going dangerously off-script are prevented. A great performance management software is important in helping to streamline an existing performance ,management strategy which will result into substantial time saving for managers, employees and HR.

The use of performance management will focus more on the tasks and not the behavior ,as the tasks will impact upon the teams or the overall effect of goal objectives. In order to improve on the behavior, it is advisable to focus more on the positive behavior and not the negative behavior. In order to ensure that the goals are met in a consistent and effective manner, it is advisable that the managers follow the performance management plan. This outcome is due to the fact that the performance management focuses on the performance of an organization, a department, process to build a product service, how teams function or individual employees operate. A well performance ,managed team will be smoothly running the activities in the company.

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